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Saturday 4/15/17 @10am ET, ‘How To Become A Life Coach’ with Coach Kathleen!

Have you every considered becoming a life coach? Is it time for you to follow your passion to help people live their best life and guide them to be happier, healthier and more successful? Did you know that-Coaching is one of the fastest growing careers Harvard Business Review reports that Coaching is a $1 BILLION a year industry! Tune in and find out more!

To listen To Our Previous Show ’’Rewrite the Script! Write Your New Life Story’ with Coach Kathleen! please click on the ‘rewrite’ pic and follow the links.

How To Become A Life Coach

Saturday 4/15/17 @10 am ET ‘How To Become...

Rewrite the Script! Write Your New Life Story

Saturday 4/8/17 @10 am ET ‘Rewrite the...

The Power of Positive Perception

Saturday 4/1/17 @10 am ET ‘The Power of...

How to Create a Confidence Consciousness with Coach Kathleen

Saturday 3/25/17 @10 am ET ‘How to Create...

How To Train Your Mind To Expect Happiness And Success

                    Saturday 3/19/17...

Breaking the Addiction to Negative Thoughts

                    Saturday 3/11/17...

How To Bounce Back From Adversity Fast

Saturday 2/25/17 @10 am ET ‘How To Bounce...

If You Want to Be Happy, Learn to Forgive

Saturday 2/18/17 @10 am ET ‘If You Want...

Loving Your Shadow Self

Saturday 2/11/17 @10 am ET ‘Loving Your...

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Coach Cafe Radio was created in 2010 by Certified Life Coaches Kathleen Martin, LOACC and Estra Roell, LOACC.

Our mission is to be THE Self Empowerment place to meet where you get your weekly cup of inspiration to help you to live your best life.

Here you will learn the benefits of life coaching, meet top self development coaches, experts and authors and listen to discussions about what matters most!  READ MORE






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