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Are You A Sloppy Thinker?

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Are You A Sloppy Thinker?

Are You A Sloppy Thinker?



Did you know that your thoughts create your life? It’s true! Everything is preceded by thought. Thought is energy. It is the creative juice of life. Look at your life right now. How is it going? What are you experiencing? Are you Happy, Healthy, Successful? Are you experiencing the kind of life you want? Life is simply reflecting back to you the quality of your thoughts and how you feel as a result of them. If you aren’t mostly living the life you want, you are most likely a ‘sloppy thinker’.


You are never not thinking. It has been proven that we think over 60,000 thoughts in a day. They are mostly thoughts that you have thought over and over again until they have become automatic. They are in your subconscious mind so you can easily access them. How many of them are ‘sloppy’ (ie: complaining, worry, doubtful, negative etc.) and are creating your unhappy, unhealthy, unsuccessful life? Thinking is creative. If you don’t like what you are experiencing, this means that you aren’t noticing your thinking and taking the time to consciously think happy, healthy, successful thoughts.



For example, if you want more financial success in your life, you must think abundantly wealthy successful thoughts. You must use your imagination to create a picture of what your life would be like right now if you were financially successful. You must add the feeling as if it has already happened. Ask yourself ‘who would I be right now if I were living my financially successful life? Write it out in vivid detail. You must deliberately set aside the time to think and feel more financially successful until you have replaced your sloppy thinking.



You wouldn’t throw garbage around your house and let the rooms become a mess. If your life is a mess, you need to clean up your thoughts!
Just as you need to train your muscles to get stronger by lifting weights everyday, you need to train your subconscious mind by using your ability to think with feeling in detail what you want.


Each time you notice that you are once again entertaining sloppy thoughts, immediately replace them with thoughts that match the kind and quality of life you desire. Your life needs you to be accountable to your own success by using your creative ability to think success.
Start today! If you want a successful, happy, healthy life, stop being a ‘sloppy thinker’ and become a happy, healthy successful thinker!

Kathleen Martin, LOACC
Certified Life Coach
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