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Become an Empowered Parent’ With Kathleen Martin

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Become an Empowered Parent’  With Kathleen Martin

 Tuesday 4/24/15 @ 11am

‘Become an Empowered Parent’


Kathleen Martin

Did you attend Parenting University? Do you feel empowered as a parent to raise happy, healthy children- body, mind and spirit? Do you feel prepared to handle the challenges that come with parenting your children?

If the answer is a big NO to all of the above, then join us Tuesday April 28th 11 am ET as host Estra Roell interviews cohost Kathleen Martin about how you can become an’ Empowered Parent’.

Educators and child psychologists have long known that self-esteem, self-image and personality characteristics are formed early in a child’s development.

During this enlightened conversation, Kathleen will be sharing parenting skills you can begin to use immediatley to help you to feel confident as a parent; reveal key beliefs that your children already have that are causing difficulties and ways you can ‘reshape’ and ‘replace’ these beliefs to help encourage positive qualities in a child’s life, enhancing their ability to function in their environment with confidence, esteem and self love.

To become ‘Empowered Parents’, it is vitally important to be aware of our own beliefs, behaviors and parenting patterns that are contributing to the challenges that happen on our parenting journey. By becoming aware and then changing these ineffective patterns through deliberate empowered words and actions, you will positively effect the harmony of the family as a whole.

The future of our planet depends upon ‘Empowered Parents’ who have the skills to raise emotionally strong, happy, conscious children who are know the value they bring to their family, community and world.

To connect with Kathleen Martin, visit- www.kathleenmartincoaching.com


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