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Become a World Changer with Anita Casalina

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Become a World Changer with Anita Casalina

Tuesday 9/27/10 @7pm ET

‘Become a World Changer’


Anita Casalina


When Anita Casalina was a child she wanted to do something to help others who experience poverty. Later, being inspired by what the USAID was doing to help people in Africa to become self reliant, she founded the Billions Rising, Self-Reliance Foundation.

Their mission: to learn as much as possible about programs, organizations and projects around the globe that promote sustainable solutions for ending poverty, and then to share that information as widely as possible.


Beginning with the BlogTalk Radio show “Billions Rising” Anita interviewed renowned philanthropic and pioneering leaders from around the world who were all working to end poverty.

She compiled those interviews into the best-selling book, Billions Rising, Empowering Self-Reliance. Fast forward to today, Anita along with her team, produce World Changers Entertainment to publicize the stories of the dedicated people and organizations who are contributing to the worldwide movement to end poverty forever. 



While the World Changers Television show itself focuses on ending poverty, Anita and her team recognize that there are many ways to make the world a better place.

This is the future of media and represents the positive and inspiring news people are yearning for. These are the stories that show how each of us can make a difference in the world. That’s the overriding goal of World Changers Television and Anita’s personal mission in life.
Meet Anita Casalina at – www.worldchangerstelevision.com


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