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‘How Does Passion, Your Sacred Gifts


 The Law of Attraction Help You Feel on Purpose? ‘


Dana J. Smithers


I’m sure you have noticed women who are just gushing with happiness about their business success, they look fabulous and you find yourself wondering ‘how do I get some of that?’ Well my hunch is that those women who are truly being authentic have found their passion, discovered their sacred gifts and use the Law of Attraction to create the reality that they want.
For most women entrepreneurs this isn’t something that just happens overnight to them. We are all on a spiritual journey to bring us closer to Source, where we feel we are making a difference and connecting with those people who need us. As human beings we gravitate towards growth and wanting ‘more’ out of life and as I see it that ‘more’ is about feeling empowered, passionate, excited, abundant and feeling on purpose with the work you are doing.

So how do you get to be ‘that woman’? The first step is finding out where you feel passion. What is it that you do that distracts you from knowing what time it is, whether or not you ate, even sometimes what day it is? Passion energizes you – it propels you forward and if you bring that passion into the work that you do, chances are you are very, very good at what you do.
The next step which I think is one many women are missing is finding your ‘Sacred Gifts’ to serve others. These are unlike skills which you can learn and become very good at, and unlike talents that you are born with and may be very good at too. You can be taught a skill like how to use different computer programs. You can have a gift that you were born with and enjoy it such as being a talented singer but you do that mostly for your own pleasure.
The definition of a Sacred Gift is a supernatural gift that you use
for the benefit of someone else and, that brings you great joy doing it.Ebook cover 3D

Your sacred gifts work ‘through’ you to benefit someone else. They are meaningful to you and you feel that you are making a difference in the world. Sometimes our sacred gifts are dormant for a very long time for many different reasons. Often other people notice them before we do. People may tell you how impressed they are with something you just did, and you’re thinking ‘well no big deal anyone can do that’ which is entirely wrong! Other clues can be found by reflecting back on what you liked to do when you were younger before someone told you not to. Once you discover your sacred gifts you can redirect your spiritual path. If you are a women entrepreneur then your goal is find the ‘need’ to build your business and serve by using your sacred gifts with the passion that burns inside you.

Since we are on a spiritual ‘journey’ you may find at some point that you are not going to like where you are at. This is actually good news if you are experiencing this right now because you have the power to change your life. It all starts with you figuring out what you do want your business to look like and in Law of Attraction speak – we ask you to create a ‘Contrast List’ which contains points of everything you do not like in your business. From this ‘Contrast’ you then create your ‘Clarity List’ which identifies what you do want. And from here you start attracting what you do want!

A simple Law of Attraction definition states…
I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy or focus to
whether wanted or unwanted.

So ladies I invite you to find out what your passion is, discover your sacred gifts to benefit and serve others, and use the Law of Attraction to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.


About the Author, Dana J. Smithers:

Dana J. Smithers has been using the Law of Attraction since she was 35 years old and she started on her spiritual journey to turn her unhappy life around. At 50 she left a very successful corporate career and became a solopreneur. Her mission is to educate, inspire and empower women entrepreneurs to help them grow their business. She is a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer & Business coach as well as a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide. She offers a variety of programs such as one-on-one business coaching, Law of Attraction Business Abundance program, Mastermind programs, Your Sacred Gifts mentoring program.. She invites you to join her Google+ Community and sign up for her E-newsletter and free ebook ‘The POWER of your WORDS’ at Empowered Women in Business.