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Developing Your Inner Power

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Developing Your Inner Power

Friday  7/24/15 @8pm 

‘Developing Your Inner Power ‘


Author Mary Beth Ford!


How do you move into believing in yourself as a creator and tap into the Divine that flows within you to create with joy? Mary Beth Ford, author of Wisdom from the Gardens: Life Lessons, is an expert in helping us get in touch with the Divine within us through the lessons that nature has to reach. Mary Beth is a recurring expert to Coach Cafe. On this episode we will explore how to develop the inner power that already resides with you so you can create the life you want.

Dr. Mary Beth Ford is an author, an inspirational speaker, and a teacher at heart and by profession. She is also the creator of the CD Garden Wisdom—5 Ways to Grow in Life Balance and Joy. For the past 30 years Mary Beth has immersed herself in observing and learning from nature and followed closely the discoveries of modern science. She shares simple rituals, inspiring stories and ways to live with inner happiness and balance.

Learn more at www.wisdomfromthegardens.com. Sign up for her bi-monthly Reflections and weekly One Minute Reflection. Get a free audio gift of Garden Wisdom Secrets. www.Facebook.com/WisdomtoEmpowerYourLife.