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How to Create a Balanced Life

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How to Create a Balanced Life

‘How to Create a Balanced Life’


Kathleen Martin







Balance is necessary in life to feel good. When life feels ‘wobbly’ or out of balance we definitely don’t feel good. We look for ways to get back into balance so that we can feel stable and capable of doing what we need to do. Some choices are beneficial and some are not, especially those that offer the ‘quick fix’.

We all know that stress is a major side effect of life and can create the ‘out of balance’ experience in the areas that matter3 part practice most. If you are stresssed in your relationships, your finances, your health or your career, you can feel so wobbly that you don’t know if you can get back on track and get back into balance.


Help is on the way! When you practice the 3 key easy to apply power practices, called ‘The 3 R’s’, you will begin to create a balanced life beginning NOW!


These 3 Life Coaching Practices are proven and effective and when practiced daily will create the habits and patterns needed to experience more success and happiness in your life.

The first ‘R’ is to RELAX! To learn deep relaxation techniques and ‘R’ #2 and # 3 to create your balanced life, click HERE to listen to ‘The 3 Part Power Practice To Create A Balanced Life’.

Kathleen Martin, LOACC- Certified Master Life Coach and Creator of Balanced Life Coaching.

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