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Just for the Fun of It

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Just for the Fun of It

Just For The Fun of It



The vibration of fun is a high, fine vibration. Think for a moment what it feels like when you are immersed in an experience that is pure fun! Doesn’t it feel like expansion, joy, delight–a lightness of being? When you are having fun, you are in the moment completely and time takes on a different dimension. Time truly does fly when you are having fun!

This is how we are meant to approach life. Compare the feeling of doing something for the fun of it, with your list of things you think you must do. That “to do” list can feel very heavy and contracted. Success comes when we are at a high vibration, for when we are in alignment with our Source, all the good ideas are available to us and everything seems to flow easily and effortlessly.

Practice allowing yourself to do things just for the fun of it. Ask yourself what would be really fun, really delightful to do–and do that. See what happens!KC_HulaHoopinDad2

Shouldn’t we be concerned with service and helping others?
Often, as people on a spiritual path, we do things because we think they will help others, the animal kingdom or the earth. These are fabulous motivations and intentions! But the vibration of fun is actually a different vibration that is more magnetic to creating what you want. No need to abandon your desire to serve.

Simply have fun while you do it! Your highest purpose is in the fun of what you do in any moment. You do your highest and most effective service when you are in the vibration of fun.

What about the stuff you just have to do?You may be wondering about the things in life that “need” to be done that are not so much fun, like paying bills, cleaning the house or, if you’re not engaged in your true calling, going to work. How can you make these fun? Sometimes its in the timing. I’ve actually waited until I felt inspired to take on a project I wasn’t looking forward to until I did feel inspired to do it.

One example is when I needed to do a lot of backed up filing. I put it off, knowing I would tackle it at some point when the time seemed right. One day, soon after having that thought, I did feel an urge to get at it. I put on some music, got a nice cup of tea and sang and danced my way through all the filing! It was actually fun! And I felt such a sense of accomplishment when it was completed. Rhonda Byrne of “The Secret” found a way to make bill paying more fun. With every bill she paid, she imagined adding two zeros to that amount and imagined that was the amount she had in her checking account. The amount of the bill was so small compared to that, that she actually enjoyed the process.

So, shower, just for the fun of it! Drive, just for the fun of it! Call a friend, just for the fun of it! Use your wonderful imagination to add more fun to everything you do!  

Estra Roell  www.americaslifepurposecoach.com