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What is REALLY Happening When You Worry?

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What is REALLY Happening When You Worry?

What is REALLY Happening When You Worry?

Do you ever find yourself worrying about someone or something? I am laughing at that question and I am sure you are too, because there isn’t a soul who doesn’t worry, probably many times in the day. I would suggest that even those people who we are sure have the magic ability to be free from what feels like worry ( someone like the Dalai Lama or the Pope) – still experience worry!

What is worry really? If I were to ask someone they would probably say something like- “worry is how you feel when you are fearful and concerned and you don’t know what to do.”
Many would agree with that description. But, I am going to give you another way to think about worry, so you can feel different.

First, worry is an emotion. Emotions are Energy in Motion. All emotions are simply energy expressed as a feeling which is information for you to be alerted to the kinds of thoughts you are thinking consciously and subconsciously. This is important because most of your thinking is subconscious and are very repetitive about the people or the circumstances you are worried about. This happens because of the level of importance.

If something or someone isn’t that important to you, you don’t have many thoughts in your subconscious about them to cause you to feel worry. For instance, if you were just introduced to someone and then heard that they have a big problem in their life, you would respond momentarily and probably not give it much thought.

When that someone or something is important and you keep repeating thoughts that feel like worry, are fearful and powerless and you don’t interrupt them, they will become a habit. In reality, you are training yourself to worry.
I want to also add in here to notice what you believe about this feeling called worry. Notice if you are someone who believes that it is a sign of love and caring when you worry. This is not true and it doesn’t help. What you really want is to feel free from this feeling called worry so you can feel empowered to be a part of the solution.