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The Reason You are Feeling Bad and What You Can Do to Feel Better Fast!

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The Reason You are Feeling Bad and What You Can Do to Feel Better Fast!

Did you know that there is really only one reason you feel bad? It’s true.


The main reason you feel bad about anything is because of the way you are thinking about whatever it is that is causing you to feel bad.

First the ‘thought’ and then the ‘thing’ is a principle in life. It is the way life goes. That ‘thing’ is a feeling or emotion that is activated by the quality of your thoughts.


Did you know that you have over 60,000 thoughts in a day? Most of your thoughts are subconscious, which means you aren’t aware of most of them. The thoughts you are aware of are mostly the ones that have a purpose such as – ‘ I’m hungry so I think I’ll make lunch. Or problem solving thoughts, for example you get into your car and the gas gauge is low so you think-‘ I need to stop and get gas.’


So many of our thoughts are subconscious is so that we don’t need to spend time thinking about the daily activities that have now become necessary habits and patterns, such as walking, talking, eating, writing, etc and even driving your car.

Can you imagine having to spend time thinking about and needing to focus on ordinary activities like those everyday? You wouldn’t be able to use your mind to problem solve when you need to. This is the reason why so many thoughts are on auto pilot. It frees us up to be creative.


What about when you get the feeling or emotion that feels bad? This simply means that you have been processing many thoughts about something or someone which feel bad. Most of the time these are thoughts you have practicing over and over so they have become a habit or pattern about the circumstance or person.


They are now subconscious and are easy to activate. The feeling is simply an indicator of the types of thoughts. Your feelings and emotions are a guide and very helpful.
How do you feel better fast?

You need to interrupt the pattern of thoughts and habitual thinking that is on autopilot.


Step 1- Take deep long breaths for 2 minutes. Breath in slowly to the count of 6 and out to the count of 6. This practice will cause you to focus on counting and relax your body at the same time. This will also stop the thoughts so you can introduce new, better feeling ones about the situation or person.



Step 2- As soon as you feel bad, distract your mind. Give it something else to think about and pay attention to. You can focus on something neutral such as getting involved in something that needs your attention ie: a project or reading something helpful or watching a movie etc.



Step 3- Introduce a new better feeling thought such as – ‘This is temporary’ (everything is- change is a principle of life), ‘It is entirely possible for ______________ (fill in the blank with words that describe what you want), ‘ I am looking forward to________________( describe the improvement you want to experience.)


You don’t have to feel bad for long. As soon as you take these actions, they will begin to help you to replace the thoughts that cause you to feel bad with the ones that feel better. Just the ‘thing’ you want

The more you practice, the easier it gets because you will have created new and better feeling habits and patterns and actually create a new mind!

Kathleen Martin, LOACC
Certified Master Life Coach
Creator of Balanced Life Coaching

To learn more Life Coaching skills and tools contact Kathleen @ www.kathleenmartincoaching.com Or www.hamptonslifecoach.com
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