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How to Release Trapped Negative Emotions

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How to Release Trapped Negative Emotions

Saturday 7/22/17 @10 am ET

‘How to Release Trapped Negative Emotions ‘


Coach Kathleen!




Are you as happy, healthy and successful as you believe you are meant to be the areas that matter most in your life? For most people, the answer is no.

Why? Shouldn’t you be feeling capable of creating the life you want?


Have you been doing what you thought would create positive results, yet you haven’t experienced the changes you believe will make your life better?


Join Coach Kathleen to find out why you aren’t living the life you want and why it has all to do with trapped negative emotions that are getting in the way.


Learn how to release them using a proven and effective energy psychology technique known as ‘The Emotion Code’, so you can begin to experience true happiness, health and success starting NOW!

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