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Life Is Like Riding A Wave

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Life Is Like Riding A Wave

Life Is Like Riding A Wave


Kathleen Martin


Life is like riding a wave (an emotional wave that is!)
Everyday you experience life like riding an emotional wave. Your thoughts create feelings called emotions and your body responds. Have you noticed how you can go from feeling like a small wave that is hardly noticeable when you are relaxed and at ease and not being activated by anything in particular to a tsunami size wave when you are activated by something that causes you great fear or worry?

The reason we have emotions is so that we can become aware of how our body is processing the information that comes in through our senses. We interpret life through sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, pressure, hot/cold, pain, kinethesis, and proprioception (which in esence is concerned with knowing where our body is in relation to itself.) We need this information so that we can make the necessary changes with our ability to choose how we WANT to feel. We need to know how to feel empowered to go from riding the tsunami to riding the fun waves. surfer

When we take in information we begin to produce thoughts that are based on what we believe. So, our beliefs are crucial. Our beliefs were given to us as children. They are thoughts that we think over and over until they go into our subconscious mind for later use. Some are very positive and have helped us along the way, such as the belief that we could do something that was important like walking, talking, feeding and dressing ourselves. As we matured into life we needed the belief in ourselves as powerful creators of our reality and that when we decided we could do something bigger, we had a positive belief that felt like ‘yes I can’, instead of being given the belief that you couldn’t.

It is very very important to establish what we WANT to believe. You do not have to continue to have the beliefs you were given in your life. How do you change a belief? First, tune into your emotional responses. Let’s use this example: You are someone who has been employed in a company for an amount of time and have been doing great. You decide that you feel you deserve a raise. You feel positive and ready. You make an appointment with your employer to discuss it. Suddenly, you feel your body begin to show you that you are feeling worry and doubt. You are tense, and you can’t eat or sleep. You start to think thoughts that show you the belief that ‘you aren’t good enough’ and won’t get the raise you deserve. Now what? Well, now that you are aware that your body is letting you know that you have gone from believing in yourself to not believing in yourself, you take charge!

The first step I always take my clients through is the ‘6 Count Breath Technique’. The reason for this, is that before you can introduce a belief change thought, you need to be deeply relaxed. When the nervous system is overstimulated by negative fear- based thoughts, it needs help to be in a calm open state to receive the new thoughts. Do this in the morning, a few times through the day and before sleep. Make it a habit.

To do this you simply sit or lay down, close your eyes and breath deeply into your body to the count of six and out slowly to the count of six for twelve cycles. This usually takes 2 minutes. This is a proven way of breathing that relaxes the diaphragm. A relaxed diaphragm = a relaxed body. A relaxed body= a relaxed mind. Now that your body and mind are relaxed, you can drop in thoughts such as, “I am going to be ok” and “it is entirely possible that I will get the raise I want”. This language is understood by the subconscious mind and it is in agreement. Now your body will feel the new positive feeling and will feel powerful. Powerful feeling =powerful thoughts. You will go from riding the tidal wave of worry, fear and doubt to surfing the fun wave of ‘yes I can’!
Kathleen Martin, LOACC- Certified Master Life Coach
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