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‘Soul Contracts and Law of Attraction’

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‘Soul Contracts and Law of Attraction’

As you begin to understand how the law of attraction can be used to deliberately create what you want in your life you can experience many wonderful and miraculous things. Everything is composed of energy, even you. We know that what we give our attention to, especially with strong emotion, we include in our vibration, and law of attraction simply matches that to create more of it in our lives. It’s an energetic response of “like attracts like.” It is important to notice where you are putting your attention, how you are feeling and to “mind your own vibration.” This is why the most important thing you can do is to feel good!

Yet sometimes, even when it seems we are doing everything “right” we experience difficulty and unexpected challenges. Sometimes its a huge and frightening struggle, especially around subjects like health issues, relationship breakdowns, financial scarcity and business or career setbacks. The first thing we tend to do is wonder how we attracted that particular experience into our lives and wonder what we did wrong. How was I out of alignment? Was I being impatient, needy, cranky? Was I thinking negatively, allowing myself to feel negative emotions? Knowing that we are powerful creators of our experience we immediately begin to blame ourselves for some failing in our energy alignment. And how does that feel? Not so good–I know, I’ve done it.

securedownload-1So where does that leave you? More out of alignment than ever, letting the inner critic beat up on you. So let’s take a moment to reframe this and understand a deeper truth. While its good to take a look at your energy alignment, doing so with judgement is not going to help you. That’s just adding more resistance and is a lack of love. When you are in a situation of lack and struggle, you deserve more love, not less. 

We are on this journey through life in order to grow and expand through our experiences. Period. Don’t give any situation any more meaning than that. It’s important to stop, slow down and breathe deeply. Put your hand on your heart and tell yourself you are safe to feel the feelings you feel. Love the one who is feeling these things and is experiencing them. Love your own heart. This is how your soul loves you. If you find that you have been focusing on things that cause you to feel out of alignment, great! All you need to do is congratulate yourself for realizing it and do a process to shift your feeling state and re-focus your attention on what is working in your life and what you appreciate. This shifting of your attention onto what is working will allow you feel good. Now you are in a state of alignment and receiving.
And now consider that it is entirely possible that you have not mis-created at all. We are the creators of our lives and that means that we did planning at the soul level before we even got here. heart

We came into these lives with the intention of working on certain life “lessons”. This is what is called a soul contract or life blueprint. We decided upon certain experiences and relationships in order to learn and grow through them. We are also, whether we realize it or not, helping others with their lessons. At birth, we forget that we made these contracts in order to be able to get the full benefit from living through them. This doesn’t mean we don’t have free will. We are free to make other choices at any time, or to put certain lessons on hold.
So, be kind to yourself! Rather than beat yourself up, thinking something has gone wrong (and it can REALLY feel like it has!) choose instead to ask yourself what you are learning from the experience. Are you learning to speak up more, be more careful of other people’s feelings, be more patient, have more trust and faith, love yourself or others, be able to remain serene and focused no matter what is going on? The sooner you understand the lesson and accept it into your life, the sooner you will find relief and no longer need the troubling situation.

Estra Roell, LOACC-Certified Law of Attraction and Life Purpose Coach. Visit my website for your free Tuesday Tips and Visioning Report at www.AmericasLifePurposeCoach.com.