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The Point Of Pain

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The Point Of Pain

‘The Point Of Pain’



Have you ever wondered why we experience pain? What is the point of pain? Everyone experiences pain in life, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. Most consider pain to be something that takes away from happiness. It may even cause you to feel depression.

Consider the question above- What is the point of pain? I believe there is a very good reason for pain. So let’s take the word ‘point’ and use two meanings. #1. What is the point? Or, why is it happening; get to the point or reason #2. What is the point? Or, where is it located.

All feeling is information. If you were to hit your hand with a hammer, you would feel the pain and understand through the pain that you have been injured and that you should doPoint of Pain something to lessen the pain. You would also know why it happened and the location and you would take action.

But, how about emotional pain? It is very important to understand that pain in all forms including emotional is for you. It is a helper to guide you. It is always for you, whether you want to think so or not because it is a part of you.

There are beliefs located in your subconscious mind that are activated in response to life situations. Feelings in the form of emotions come to the surface so you can do something about it. They are also helping you know what the belief is. Pain is actually your point of power!

What are some of the ways you can help yourself feel better? Proven ways include asking powerful questions and writing out the answers.

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Kathleen Martin, LOACC- Certified Master Life Coach
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