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What You Focus On Expands

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What You Focus On Expands

What You Focus On Expands


It is a proven fact that everything is energy. You are energy, everything in the room you are in is energy, even a rock is energy. All energy is moving – yes even that rock! Focused energy is extremely powerful. You know this with the example of using a magnifying glass to focus the power of the sun that with enough focused energy can cause a piece of paper to burst into flames!

The reason why focus is so powerful, is because what ever you focus on actually expands. It becomes more. So, doesn’t it make sense to focus on what you want, rather than focusing on what magnifying-glass-copyyou don’t want in your life?


Have you ever tried to focus on 2 things at once? You know how inefficient you become. It is very difficult to put your attention on 2 things at a time. You start to feel anxious as you flip flop back and forth between the 2 things you need to get done. That feeling is communication from within telling you that you should stop and focus on one thing. When you do, you will feel more powerful as you can focus your undivided attention to the one task at hand.


Another example of the power of focus is with the work from the great Dr. Masuro Emoto, author of ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’, who through extensive experiments, showed that you can change polluted water into clean water with the focused power of prayer and meditation.
You can change your life too with the power of focus starting today.


Take the time to quiet your mind and get into a deep relaxed state by slowly breathing into your body. Use your ability to focus on what you want your ideal life look and feel like. Make it vivid. See the image fill the screen in front of you. See it in color. Hear the sounds you want to hear. Feel it as if it is already happening. Keep your focus on this mental movie.
Stop during the day to repeat this good feeling movie. Go to bed and wake up playing your ideal life movie. Let it become real as you use your power to focus. Remember, what you focus on expands. Use this power wisely!

Kathleen Martin, LOACC
Certified Life Coach
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