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When You See It, You’ll Be It

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When You See It, You’ll Be It

‘When You See It, You’ll Be It’


Kathleen Martin, LOACC




Have you ever wondered how successful people experience their great achievements? I always marveled at the mastery of great athletes. I remember noticing that I didn’t know anyone who was an olympic athlete. It caused me to question how they got there.
I am told that we all have the ability to be, do and have what we want in this life.


There really is no difference between me and anyone else. I do know that there are certain physical attributes that will make it more likely. For instance, I am 5 ft tall and I know that the likelihood of me being on a woman’s professional basketball team is pretty slim. Can I do it? I can aim for it and do everything that another woman with the desire has and practice and train everyday the way they do and get to experience the success of being committed to my desire. Therefore, I kath_picachieved something great regardless of whether I play professional basketball.


There is a very important practice involved in becoming who you want to be. You have to see it first. I know you are saying ‘but wait- how can I see myself being someone I am not already?’ The answer is –visualization combined with feeling as if it is already done. You have been given the ability to use your imagination to see yourself as who you want to be, doing what you want now. In fact, this is a proven practice that all of the successful people including those gold medal athletes use. They practice seeing themselves at the end with their gold medal.



There are studies now that prove that when they compare athletes who practice as they normally would to athletes that practice using imagination to practice, those who visualized improved more than those who physically practiced. How can this be? This is because of the relationship between your mind and your body.
To learn how to use this powerful technique and more, click HERE to listen to ‘You Have to Be It to See It’ .

Kathleen Martin, LOACC- Certified Master Life Coach
  and Creator of Balanced Life Coaching
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